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The Adventist Health Department

Adventist Health works in the areas of:

  • resilience development in children and youth
  • issues in relation to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs of dependency
  • fostering improved nutrition in the community
  • facilitating the development and operation of one hospital and numerous local medical clinics in the Pacific islands

About Us

Adventist Health is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with headquarters at the Sydney office of the South Pacific Division. The Director, Pastor Kevin Price, the Associate Directors, Dr Chester Kuma and Pastor Paul Rankin,  together with Mrs Liz Dunstan, form the team at the head office, while other professionals lead local offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Townsville, Auckland and the capitals of most Pacific island nations.

Local offices provide training, health programs and support in their areas, while major development and resourcing occur at the head office in Sydney.

Pastor Kevin Price

Pr Price joined the Adventist Health team in December 2008. He has a long association with health ministry and providing health programs and assessment services to the church, community and corporate sectors. His experience includes serving the Adventist Church in pastoral, administrative and departmental levels in Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. For 19 years he worked at Sydney Adventist Hospital, first as Assistant Senior Chaplain and then as the Director of the Centre for Health Management – delivering a wide range of health related programs and services. Kevin has a BA and a MA degree with the latter having a major focus on Stress Management. He also has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of New South Wales with his thesis focusing on executive health assessments and reporting. Kevin has extensive experience in adult education, counselling, executive coaching and management.

"Our Adventist health heritage can give us our Adventist health advantage. I see Health as being much more than just an absence of disease - our aim should be for a high level of wellness that leads to a vibrant and fulfilled life along with an enhanced Christian witness. Our health message first reaches into our own lives and then we can reach out to make a positive impact on the lives of others." – Kevin Price

Associate Director
Dr Chester Kuma

Originally from the Solomons, Dr Kuma joined Adventist Health , SPD in early 2006. Following completion of his undergraduate training in medicine in 1986, he joined the medical staff at Sopas Adventist hospital, PNG as medical officer. His next appointment was Atoifi Hospital in the Solomons where he spent a total of 13 years working as senior medical officer and later as Chief Executive Officer, a position he held for 10 years. Dr Kuma successfully completed his specialist training in surgery in 2002 and was appointed Head of Surgery for the country. He currently works with Adventist Health, SPD and thoroughly enjoys his new role.  

Medical Missionary work has always been a great interest of his ever since childhood. The concept of “Health promoting Churches” in particular stands out as one of his major interests. He believes that if this concept of health can be developed further and incorporated within our system of local churches, it can become a powerful tool for witnessing at the grass root level.

Associate Director
Dr Paul Rankin

Paul Rankin is the CHIP in Churches Program Director for the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  He has worked as a nurse, missionary, pilot, local church pastor and Union Health Director.  Paul and his wife Sonia have three adult children.  Paul is passionate about family, hang gliding and seeing local Adventist churches interact in a positive way with their communities.  For the last 18 months Paul has been actively involved in the redevelopment of the CHIP program and its launch in the South Pacific.


Liz Dunstan
Departmental Assistant

 Liz joined the Department in February 2013.  She has had long experience in church work, first as an Adventist Book Centre manager in South Australia then with Signs Publishing Company in Warburton, Victoria, where she cared for the marketing and distribution of denominational books across our division. Further back she spent time at the Kambubu and Kabiufa High Schools in PNG. 

Liz holds tertiary qualifications in business and music, having earned her A.MusA at Avondale College. Her current joy is playing the pipe organ at Wahroonga Church, just across the road from her office quarters.   

Liz is your point of contact for all Adventist Health-related enquiries, including requests for health programs and resources, and appointments with the directors.

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