Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired

In 1973 Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI) was organised to help the totally and partially blind, and for sighted people who are unable to read normal ink print conveniently due to physical handicaps. CSFBHI is listed by the National Library of Australia in its library services for the handicapped and also in the directory of services for the Australian National Council for the Blind. 

All services of the CSFBHI are free to the client and are funded by personal gifts and donations, and the resources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia–New Zealand.

Our vision

To maximise the potential of vision and hearing impaired people to participate fully in society.

Our mission is to

  • Facilitate the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ in both its helping and saving aspects, to visually handicapped, hard of hearing and deaf people
  • Provide services to enable vision- and hearing-impaired people to overcome the barriers that inhibit independence and participation in society
  • Enable vision- and hearing-impaired people to take charge of their own lives and to enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as their sighted and hearing peers
  • Promote awareness of the unique needs of the vision and hearing impaired people to others

Our values

  • We acknowledge the value, worth and dignity of every individual.
  • We acknowledge that all people have the right to choose how they will seek personal fulfilment and the environment in which they will do so.
  • We believe that vision and hearing impaired people have the right to a lifestyle comparable to other members of the community.
  • We deal respectfully, honestly, fairly and courteously with members, donors, volunteers, staff members, suppliers and the public.
  • We respect the privacy of individuals and comply with all legal requirements when dealing with personal information.


The CSFBHI Personal Pursuit and Empowerment Scholarship

CSFBHI annually offers two $2000 scholarships for the visually and hearing impaired. The Personal Pursuit and Empowerment (PPE) Scholarship gives cash assistance to qualifying visually-impaired persons particiaping in self-improvement vocational or recreational programs in support of their life goals.

The basic conditions include: 

  • aged 16 or older (no limit)
  • planning to or already attending a recognised training/recreational program or entity
  • be connected to the Christian community
  • be legally sight impaired
  • have a demonstrated need
  • provide outcomes of the pursuit or program
For full details, contact us, or to download a PDF of the full award, click here.


Who cares for CSFBHI?

CSFBHI is a ministry of the Adventist Media Network of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

For more information, to access its services or become a member, to make a donation, or to assist as a volunteer, contact:

Lee Dunstan
PO Box 1115
Wahroonga NSW 2076

 ph. +61 2 9847 2222 (w)